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Individual approach

The establishment of a well-functioning OKR system varies from organization to organization and therefore requires an individual approach, which we guarantee.

Intensive Betreuung

With us on board, regular sparring is guaranteed. We take the time the organization needs to establish the OKR system in the best possible way.

Sustainable growth

An innovative and agile management approach that combines the activities of employees with the overall strategy of the company.

Bereit für OKR? Checkliste & Analyse

1:1 sparring with OKR roll-out managers

In order to better understand the dynamics and mechanisms of agile practices, we offer a compact introduction to the topic of OKRs.

In this practice-oriented sparring session, the people responsible for enrolment receive a readiness check for their own organization in order to be prepared for a principle set-up.

The parameters for the OKR-introduction are discussed in order to prepare the management decisions.

effektive OKR-Implementierung: Workshops & Schulungen

Workshops & Schulungen für das Management zur Einführung von OKRs

We support you in developing a customized OKR framework for your organization.

To ensure this, an initial workshop with the management level is required in order to develop a deeper understanding of OKRs on the one hand and to jointly define the first objectives on the other.

OKR Konfiguration: erfolgreiches Set-Up für Ergebnisse

Workshop for all employees

In addition to a clear vision, establishing an OKR system in your organization also involves defining strategic goals and measurable key results that are aligned with the organization's top priorities.

In moderated training workshops, the so-called OKR set-up meetings, we develop the first goals together in a participative process and define a prototypical goal achievement cycle with you.

OKR-Zyklus Optimierung: maximiere deinen/euren Erfolg!

Individual coaching in the various phases

An OKR coach supports (pioneering) departments in your organization with a pilot project and assists you with the implementation of OKR. We take existing strategic management and target achievement systems into account and integrate them into an agile performance management system.

We accompany you in every step of the way on the way to successfully establishing OKRs. In particular, this includes cyclical monitoring and continuous reflection during the first year/cycle after rollout.

OKR Coaching Academy: Fortbildung für Führungskräfte

Training as an internal OKR coach

We support them in training internal contact persons for the teams in order to define balanced goals and tailored key results and to offer sparring when issues arise.


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